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Mobile Meatballs

we all worked together to produce
a MILLION meatballs…….
somehow we always seem to end up
making fun of our work!


We saw the biggest hailstones we’ve ever seen today! Some were as big as golf balls and most were at least as big as our bonkers (our largest marbles). Mama thought someone had thrown a stone at the car when the first one hit – it wasn’t even raining and suddenly a big stone hit the windscreen…but then more and more fell and we realised what was going on! It got even better when the rain joined the hail – it absolutely poured from the sky – all the cars slowed down, because you couldn’t see very far ahead. Some even pulled over to the side of the road.
That’s our kind of adventure.

walking winter wonderland

By ER(13mo)

Yesterday I took my first two unaided tottering steps….and I did it a few more times so everyone could see. I even took half a dozen or more steps across the room when Grandpa came over too.

This morning I walked by myself all the way from the ranchslider to the doorway – I really wanted that wooden eggplant J12 was holding…..and she kept moving it just out of my reach. But I got it in the end!

I’m also talking a bit more. My most useful phrase is na-na-na-na-na. I say it if I don’t want something…like being picked up or passed to a different person.

A word that closely resembles “Grandpa” and is uttered whenever I see him would make his heart melt if only he could hear it – but by the time everyone else has quietened down enough for him to single out my little voice from the rabble, I’ve finished my greeting!

ooooooohhhhhh and mmmmmmm with rising and falling intonation expresses my anticipation at the food I’ve just seen.
Here I am saying “oooohhhhh”….some friends gave us some food and all of us kids got our first experience of raisins in little boxes!


Well, almost.
We are two weeks away from The Science Competition.
Yesterday the printer JUST STOPPED in the middle of printing out our cards.
Then K9 took his papier mache cave out of its mould and it fell apart in his hands – literally.

We are very thankful Mama suggested we try to finish a week early so that we would have time up our sleeves if anything went wrong.

We should be done by the end of the week – YAY!

paper and pencil

the big boys have been cartooning

baby sister seems to be the subject


By J12

A porcupine would be the best animal to make as a pincushion, but I’ve done an elephant, a crocodile and a giraffe. They are all hand sewn from felt with various little bits and bobs as decorations….if you click on the pictures you’ll be able to see the details.

I’d like to sell my crafty creations one day, but I’ll need a few more pieces before I can open a shop! Here’s my first market research endeavour: how much would YOU pay for a one-of-a-kind hand-made-with-love 12cm long croc? 😉

an autumnal stroll

We just completed our first Walk With Real Packs. We crunched through fallen leaves and picked flowers and noticed new fences and talked about China.

We had walked a fair distance the other day with all our gear to the backpack shop in order to try out different packs, but that was harder, because our bags didn’t have decent harnesses, and it’s simply More Fun with these ones!

Today we did the 3.5km block and even M4 managed to go the whole way with his pack full and without complaint. His self-encouragements (“I’m doing so well”) spurred him on to the end where he sprawled on the ground!

it’s all history

where are you?

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