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bamboostle: bamboo + whistle
made by J13

                  PAN PIPES!
I was inspired to make a set after Mum started reading to us all “Secret Of The Andes”, in which a minstrel plays the pan pipes. Additionally, the bamboo which I had originally picked for arrows was too fat for that purpose, but it was just perfect for pan pipes.

more adventures than inventions these days

We’ve been having all kinds of adventures.

ER(14mo) has learnt to really walk….and run. She can even turn around in circles and not fall over.

In spite of the almost-constant rain, we’ve been building huts out in the back garden…unfortunately our latest spot has been added to the Forbidden List so we have a dismantling project ahead. And we have to be very careful not to tread on the ferns.

On Sunday we went up the Sky Tower. WOW. What a view.
We were so fortunate that it was clear when we arrived…..after an hour or so a black cloud swept across from the West. It was amazing to watch it coming towards the tower and then swirl around and pass by. We took some fun photos, which we’ll share when Dadda fixes whatever has gone wrong with the computer/camera.

Last week we listened to a series of CDs about the History of Classical Music. Excerpts of music accompanied an overview of composers’ lives and a bit of “what was happening in the world at that time” too. While we were listening we folded washing and worked on a variety of handwork projects. A bit like this.

We’ve been adventuring in literary lands too. There’s nothing like snuggling up under a favourite quilt and reading ALL afternoon.

A Grand Visit

This time last week “ranma rampa” (T3‘s name for Grandma and Grandpa) came to visit. We played lots of games and they told us all about the trip they’re going on soon to Europe.

Last time they were here they brought some special visitors….Grandma’s half-brother (and his wife) who only just found her in the past year. Imagine getting a new brother when you’re over 60 years old!!!!!

This time they didn’t bring anyone with them – but they did bring a music video and marshmallow Easter eggs, which we all enjoyed together.

Family Church

Mama writes this time:

This morning I stood at the back of church, ER snuggled in my arms was adding her own gusto to the singing and would continue even when the other musicians stopped! I looked at the couple of rows our family was occupying…J11 standing next to Grandpa….Dadda holding T2….*everyone* heartily singing one of the hymns we have learnt recently as a family.

It was a special moment to be a family and to be part of an even bigger family too. I felt privileged to have friends who are just like family to us. I thought of our special friends and family all around the world – Australia, America, Malaysia, Nepal, Romania, Poland, England.


Child’s Play

Today it rained (which is fantastic news for the garden)…and so we couldn’t sit outside to read. We each got a little something to do…and then instead of starting Pinnochio, we listened to music from 1685-1740, because Mama wanted to do embroidery (see her quilt on the coffee table?)!

J12 is handsewing little animal pin cushions, K8 knitting a bag on circular needles, T2 is “cooking”, M4 is making a boat out of the mancala game, L6 doing the same with mobilo, K9 is building a castle and ends up designing a canon which even works, and J11 is establishing a town for the Playmobil men.

After an hour of Bach, Vivaldi and Purcell, we jumped into the 21st century and listened to Hillsong.

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