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Catapult Capers

Sifting through some old photos we came across one of our E-day activities:

Making catapults. The three teams had to construct a catapult using limited resources that would fling three objects, progressing in weight, onto a map of the desert island you’re friends are stranded on. There’s a catch though, on the map there were mountains, rivers, quicksand, forests and a campsite. You have to aim to get the objects onto the campsite and definitely not in the quicksand. You get points for landing your missile on the easy-to-get-at places.



no takers for the riddle…..well, we’d better give you a wee clue.

Sandro Boticelli shares the same thing as the rest of them (and it’s not their birthdays!)

a riddle

We love riddles round here….and today when we were reading we made one up that we think is very funny.

What does our maternal grandmother have in common with Piero and Giovanni Medici?

This competition will remain open until the end of the week to allow you plenty of time for research;-) The prize for the winner will be…..announced later!

Perhaps you could choose between a bunch of organic freshly picked silverbeet or homemade chocolates or a bunch of lavender.

Judgement Day

K9‘s Story

Today was the day I had been looking forward to – the Science Competition Day.

It was the day I could take my game about a science topic to the university.

My game was called “Animal Hide & Seek”. There is a Hider and A Seeker – the Hider puts one of his animal cards in the cave and the seeker has to try to work out which one it is. The Seeker reads out the question cards and the Hider tells the answers. If they don’t know the answers, there is an information chart they can look at. The Seeker takes out any of his cards that are eliminated until there is only one left. It *should* be the same as the one which is hidden!

I really wanted to get a Highly Commended, but when I saw all the other games I wasn’t so sure I’d get anything.

There was a solar system game that was very impressive. I thought it might get first place, but it didn’t actually end up getting anything. The people on either side of me had made their games in two weeks. One was a spider game and the other was a dinosaur game.

When they called out the highly commendeds I was disappointed, because I thought I wasn’t getting anything. Then they called third place and it was me. I was really really happy and couldn’t stop smiling.

The two other things I enjoyed at the Science Day were making slime and dressing up in the clothes scientists wear to Antarctica.

J&J‘s Story

Our many years of weather watching proved to be the inspiration for this year’s Science Competition Entry. Our task was to design a board game. But we didn’t stop at that! We constructed a weather station as well – complete with barometer, thermometer, ananometer and rain guage…all of which would work apart from the rain guage as we wouldn’t put the game outside in the rain!

To play the game, you race around the board answering questions, predicting the weather, collecting Information Cards and gathering signs until you have made your own weather station. Would you like to come and play?

The judges obviously liked it……so they gave us first place. For the Second Year In A Row! (but, shhhh – we didn’t tell them we had won last year too!)

This lovely Lady Judge, who intereviewed us, was very friendly and interested in our game. She asked lots of questions and laughed at our funny information cards (for example, “In Bedfordshire, England, a tornado is said to have plucked the feathers off several chickens. Surprisingly they survived their ordeal.”) She was particularly interested in how the thermometer worked – and we can understand that! We love watching the liquid race up the straw too when we put our hands around it!

When we saw all the other games we really weren’t sure we’d get anything, because some of the others looked most professional and they had had a lot of work put into them. Fortunately for us, however, the judges liked the weather records we had been keeping (scientists do like measurements, don’t they?)….and we have a sneaking suspicion they enjoyed blowing the anemometer around! We think Lovely Lady Judge would have liked to have seen it blow away the night it was really windy – she laughed when we told her about that escapade.

All in all, we had a great time….but the BEST was that K9 won a prize. We knew just how DESPERATE he’d been to win so we were very very happy for him.


Well, almost.
We are two weeks away from The Science Competition.
Yesterday the printer JUST STOPPED in the middle of printing out our cards.
Then K9 took his papier mache cave out of its mould and it fell apart in his hands – literally.

We are very thankful Mama suggested we try to finish a week early so that we would have time up our sleeves if anything went wrong.

We should be done by the end of the week – YAY!

catch up

There’s so much to write about.
We had four days without Mama and L6 who went to hospital. It was really nice to have Dadda round more and to spend time with our friends and with Grandpa.
We’ve been doing things like visiting open homes (Dadda looks like he wants to build another house!), gardening, working on our science competitions, shooting baskets, making glasses and weather recording equipment, tidying the house for when Mama came home, riding bikes, playing cricket and lots of board games….
Last week we learnt the whole National Anthem. AllFiveVerses.

it’s just not cricket, eh what!

We lost. The cricket. Lost dismally.

Never mind – in another ten years we’ll be stepping up to the crease to lead our country to victory.

it’s all history

where are you?

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