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Still Hot

Plum sauce in the pot

Plum sauce bubbling hot

Plum sauce in a jar

Can be smelt from afar

Plum sauce rich deep red

Plum sauce thick to spread

Plum sauce tastes so good

I would eat it if I could

written by J12, J11, K9

The plums off this tree were very tart this year so yesterday I made plum sauce.

1 large green apple
1/2C water
Simmer, covered for 10 minutes

2 fresh chillies, chopped finely
1.5kg plums, halved
2C brown sugar
1 1/2C white wine vinegar
1 onion, grated
1/4C soy sauce
2T fresh ginger, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
Add and bring to the boil.
Cook uncovered over medium heat for 45 minutes
**stir often**
Remove from heat and press through a seive
Discard the stones
Return to heat and cook rapidly, stirring constantly until thick
Pour into clean warm jar and seal
Leave for a month before opening


We were all in hysterics this morning. Mama has started reading us Pinnochio. Gepetto, his creator, called him Pinocchio because “It is a name that will bring him luck. I once knew a whole family so called. There was Pinocchio the father, Pinocchia the mother and Pinocchi the children, and all of them did well. The richest of them was a beggar.” Isn’t that funny?

But the author is not only humorous, he really understands people. We were reading this bit just before lunchtime:

Night was coming on, and Pinocchio, remembering that he had eaten nothing all day, began to feel a gnawing in his stomach that very much resembled appetite.

But appetite with boys travels quickly, and in fact after a few minutes his appetite had become hunger, and in no time his hunger became ravenous – a hunger that was really quite insupportable.”

Don’t you love it?

We think M4 is enjoying it the most out of all of us. Whenever the author asks a question, even if you’re not meant to answer it, M4 does!

And when Mama read that first quote above he really laughed hard. When Mama read the other one, he groaned with his own hunger! He giggled lots when the carpenter and Gepetto were fighting too. It was really funny. And especially when the carpenter was sitting on the floor and Gepetto asked him what he was doing and he said, “I am teaching the alphabet to the ants”.

We love reading aloud.


I (J11) have been rather fond of codes for quite some time…..I have a wee notebook of various ones I have invented. I never fail to be surprised when Mama manages to break my codes without seeing my key! Ah well…..maybe this time!

So it’s inventing at my end of the table today…and adventuring at the other – K9, K8 and L6 are all making games that we will be able to play later.
If you can break the code in the title, you’ll know what game they have based their ones on!

Family Church

Mama writes this time:

This morning I stood at the back of church, ER snuggled in my arms was adding her own gusto to the singing and would continue even when the other musicians stopped! I looked at the couple of rows our family was occupying…J11 standing next to Grandpa….Dadda holding T2….*everyone* heartily singing one of the hymns we have learnt recently as a family.

It was a special moment to be a family and to be part of an even bigger family too. I felt privileged to have friends who are just like family to us. I thought of our special friends and family all around the world – Australia, America, Malaysia, Nepal, Romania, Poland, England.


Ride the Wave

From the littlest boy to the biggest boy, we’ve been drawing boat plans:

But we didn’t stop there……we built a boat too. At one stage it had a big (tarpaulin) cover in case we encountered a storm, but the wind got up and blew that off as well as blowing the ti-tree supports down. So for now we’re sticking to scurfing on the ocean.

Look What I Can Do!

A week ago Mama came in to get me up after my nap and I surprised her….I was sitting up in my cot. I had never gone from lying to sitting before. Mama thinks I used the bars of my cot to pull myself up, but I haven’t said;-)

A few nights ago Mama heard a little maaaah come from my cot. As I usually nod off quickly, she came to investigate. I had sat up again….and I couldn’t get back down!
A day ago I played Sibling Surprise and was STANDING when they came in to get me.
I’m trying to run before I walk….or crawl for that matter.
Today J12 put me down for my nap and I stood up straight away. Mama raced round the corner with a camera to catch this latest adventure. I just LOVE adventure.

Needle Natter

(K8‘s thoughts today)
Last year Mama learnt to knit and I wanted to aswell. For ages I busied myself with plaiting wool (Dadda got a bit annoyed at times with all the plaits that somehow dropped around the house). Then I taught myself to crochet chains. That was much quicker than plaiting! Finally, after I had really tried for a few weeks with bamboo skewers, Mama put her needles down and helped me with mine. Once I got going it was so easy! Now I can use circulars too.
I got the PERFECT birthday present this year. It was a basket to keep all my knitting things in – and it was full of wool and new needles and a knit-a-teddy-bear-kit. Well, none of that was actually *new* because we are doing homemade or recycled gifts this year – but it was all more than I could have hoped for!

Now that I can knit and crochet and embroider, I really want to learn to sew – using the machine!! I’m going to make gift bags out of Christmas material so we reduce our waste at Christmas-time. Mama says that will be a good thing to start with and she’s got lots of material for me to practise on.
While I wait to learn, I’ve got a BEAUTIFUL sewing book out of the library. It is just right for anyone who is just learning to sew by hand. I love the illustrations and would like to make some of the projects too.

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