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photo shoot

Dadda got a new camera and has been playing round with it a bit.
We were his subjects on Saturday.
But it’s not easy getting a GOOD shot of eight kids…not when one is screaming, one is strangling himself, one is squinting, one is thinking about being hungry coz it’s actually lunchtime….and not when you don’t get the depth of field right so everything goes fuzzy.

It’s much easier to do four at a time!

Favourite Books Centre Stage

Coming up in three weeks is a church family camp…and on the Saturday night there’s a concert. Last time we acted out the story of The Little Red Hen. This year it’s Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar. We spent this afternoon making props with items we got at the recycling centre:

We’ll see you on stage at 7:42….not giving away any more than that for now;-)

it’s just not cricket, eh what!

We lost. The cricket. Lost dismally.

Never mind – in another ten years we’ll be stepping up to the crease to lead our country to victory.

not too late to swim

It’s been well over a week since we ate T3‘s cake, but Dadda has only just uploaded the photos.

Here ’tis. The Swimming Pool.


Isn’t language such a funny thing?

Yesterday on the way to church everyone was discussing some matter of significance and T3 added her opinion to the general consensus with an emphatic, “Me too”
M4 corrected her “No, you’re three T, you’re not two any more”

When we got to church we were given a little box with TOOLBOX written on it. T3 pointed out the T and said, “That’s me”.
Getting better;-)

And these kind of games must surely help:

….not the letter tiles….just the co-operation!

Today J12 was reading to the little ones after lunch. Picking up a book and reading its title L6 said, “Time For Bed”
T3 replied with a very quick “Oh no, one more, one more, please just one more”

workin’ with dadda

The neighbours decided they wanted some privacy screens up between our living area and their kids’ bedrooms. So our adventures in that part of the bush have come to an end – we never realised how much we played on *their* land! Hope they didn’t mind!!!

But the adventure wasn’t entirely over – the screens still needed to be built:

And right now we’re staining the posts black while Mama types this for us.

look what we caught!

the 3 fish fed 7 kids “fish-n-chips” at the 1st dinner sitting

and then 5 adults (at an adults-only sitting) had an entree

(one fillet each on a bed of red and yellow peppers and green basil
with chilli sauce drizzled over
and a hailstorm of freshly-ground black pepper)…

and there’ll be fish stock to turn into Spicy Sunday Soup.

it’s all history

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