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Happy Birthday To…

T4, that’s right, 4

A few weeks before T‘s birthday she was asked how old she was, T said, displaying four fingers, “That many… when it’s my birfday.”

Here are some photos from previous years, (thanks Mum!).

This year T4 requested a zoo cake.
The end result:

What’s more, there was treasure in the cake that T4 got to dig for….what fun!


adventures ahead

here you go kiddos……

self-directed studies options


life skills lists

Lots of love from,

Dear Children,

Wasn’t it great to do our first Real Walk with Fully Loaded Packs this morning! I was so proud of you all. ER, you managed to walk the entire 2km all by yourself (I really didn’t mind stopping to give you a cuddle when you needed it to give you a final burst of energy¬†towards the end). We had hoped you would be walking 2km by the time you were two years old, but you’re doing it already and you’ve still got another two months to go. You’re a trooper!

T3, you did so well too. Eventually. When I put your pack on I was despairing….I’m not sure what has got into your head about these packs, but whenever we put one on you, it draws out the grizzles and today was no exception. You can wear your sleeping bag pack forever, but not these good packs! You grizzled up the hill, you grizzled along the road. I told you no more grizzles, but you didn’t listen. Then a moment later you were singing. And bouncing along. Without looking back. Isn’t it so much easier to walk without grizzles – and weren’t you so happy to be able to tell Dadda you walked all the way back without even one grizzle. You can do it! We know you can!

M5. WOW. What a strong man! We though Dadda was going to have to carry your clothing for you, but you took it all yourself, and you didn’t complain once, although your pack was a bit heavy at the end. Dadda will only need to carry your sleeping bag for you….we can hardly believe how strong you have grown!

L7-the-boy-who-wouldn’t-say-it’s-too-heavy-even-if-it-was. We sure are lucky to have a young man who can carry his heavy pack without so much as a murmur. But it is fine to tell us if it has gone past the *I hardly notice it’s on my back* stage and to the *it’s getting a bit uncomfortable stage*. Do tell us, OK!

K9, Trudge, trudge, bounce, skip. In your own happy quiet way you tripped along, willing to admit you’d reached the *it’s starting to get uncomfortable* stage, but oh so excited that it was nowhere near the *I can hardly bear this any longer* stage. Skip, bounce, all the way home, including the extra kilometre with all the big kids, plus the detour up to the dam.

K10, you really want to take the pack you were wearing today, don’t you? Of course you were going to say it was comfortable and so much lighter than the other one;-) It wasn’t lighter, but I will concede it might be more comfy (which may well make it seem lighter). When we’ve got all the clothes made, we’ll pack the packs up properly and if everything fits in that pack, you can take that one. Deal?

J12, the muscle man. You had a very heavy pack and you were entirely realistic in your surmising… wonder it felt heavy. It WAS heavy – 9.5kg heavy, in fact. Your generous help-others-out nature will always ensure you’re prepared to go the extra mile for us, but if it gets too much, yell out, OK!?!

J13, you just got yourself another job! You coped admirably with taking two people’s worth of gear, so you’ll be packhorse for ER, if you don’t mind (which, having spoken to you about it already, I know you don’t). I’ll take her sleeping bag – you’ll take her clothing. (I’ll appreciate so much not having to carry two children’s clothes as well as my own!) I’ll give you a big kiss at the end of every walk. Just remind me! ūüėČ

Lotsa love,
Mama xxx

Happy Blogiversary!

I hope you’ll continue to write for many more years.

Lotsa luff,
Mama xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy birthday to you…

By J13 and J12

Today is J12′s¬†birthday. We had his cake a couple of months ago because J12¬†was (and still is!) ¬†getting a quilt for his birthday and he wanted to help make it. Also his¬†birthday is four days before Christmas and he didn’t really want to have a cake so close to Christmas.

This is my breakfast “caramel self-saucing pudding with ice cream and cream”.
I think you will remember the photo:)¬†(Because actually the photo is K10’s one, but we had exactly the same breakfast this morning)

We will post a picture of the quilt when it is finished.

Today was made extra-special by the Es coming to visit. We had such a wonderful time eating and swimming and riding Grandpa’s recumbant bike (even the mothers took it for a spin to the top of the driveway – GO MUMS!). I made it in one minute, which wasn’t too much more than it took the adults.

The other special thing (even though pressies aren’t everything) was that I got a yummy packet of chocolates, an amazing bum bag from Grandpa (there are so many pockets you could get lost in it!!!) and Dadda and Mama surprised me enormously by giving me a watch (as well as the quilt). It has a compass that you can plot your course on the map with…….a thermometer………the face changes colours (I’m trying to work out why – I think it’s to do with heat)……..the face flips over and is two-sided (very cool)…….and it has the Royal Hong Kong Police insignia on it. What a watch!

…my two front teeth

only five minutes after the last post, look what happened….

two teeth in one day

oh, you’ve been waiting soooooo long for this!

all I want for Christmas….

is to lose another tooth!

I lost my first tooth last night when I was coming back from the toilet when I’d woken up and needed to go. I was pushing my tooth with my tongue from the back and it fell out. The tooth that is beside it is nearly coming out too. I can push it forwards with my tongue.” by L7

Too bad the adult teeth are popping up and preventing a real toofless foto!
Do you see lots of orthodontic dollars there?

it’s all history

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