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Written by K9


The A kids (that’s us) built a mud hut this last summer.

The hut is now finished and we have fun playing in it.

We have built a roof so that when it rains we race to the mud hut.

There is an oven, a play one not a real one!

We have green potatoes and bran (out of the compost), leaves and bad tomatoes from the real garden.

We make bread, salads and mashed potato.

We have a marmite container that we pretend is soy sauce.

There is also a letter box and a garden.


summer arrivals

a *message sender* linking the boys’ room and the girls’ room heralds the beginning of summer games….the tree branch tent frame confirms suspicions that long hours of imaginative play will resume in the fresh air

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more adventures than inventions these days

We’ve been having all kinds of adventures.

ER(14mo) has learnt to really walk….and run. She can even turn around in circles and not fall over.

In spite of the almost-constant rain, we’ve been building huts out in the back garden…unfortunately our latest spot has been added to the Forbidden List so we have a dismantling project ahead. And we have to be very careful not to tread on the ferns.

On Sunday we went up the Sky Tower. WOW. What a view.
We were so fortunate that it was clear when we arrived…..after an hour or so a black cloud swept across from the West. It was amazing to watch it coming towards the tower and then swirl around and pass by. We took some fun photos, which we’ll share when Dadda fixes whatever has gone wrong with the computer/camera.

Last week we listened to a series of CDs about the History of Classical Music. Excerpts of music accompanied an overview of composers’ lives and a bit of “what was happening in the world at that time” too. While we were listening we folded washing and worked on a variety of handwork projects. A bit like this.

We’ve been adventuring in literary lands too. There’s nothing like snuggling up under a favourite quilt and reading ALL afternoon.

girls can use tools too!

By J12
(posing in the first photo, taken at Karekare earlier this week)

Wanting to attract some different kinds of birds to our garden, I decided to make a bird feeder. Before Dadda would let me use his tools, he required a plan! I provided him with a very detailed one. It was so good I had unlimited access to his saw, drill and screwdrivers.

Here’s what I made
(with a little assistance from an interested J11):

The little piece of dowel held up by two small branches can be removed and have a piece of apple or something stuck on it, but we didn’t have any spare. Water goes in the yellow container (Dadda said I should hollow out a piece of wood instead to make it look really natural – I just might yet), and seeds go on the other little platform. Any bird who happens to use the swing too energetically might knock itself out on the upright stick – that’s a wee design fault, which could be fixed in the Second Edition!


Garden Day.

The rain had abated, but the wind had not.

That was no excuse to not work!

We spent the entire afternoon pulling weeds, moving plants around and spreading out bark.

It’s so much fun having Dadda home for a week.

mandarin madness

It’s a year since we harvested K8‘s first madarins. The second crop is NEARLY READY…we’re checking every day!

boys will be boys

K9 you are usually ALL BOY! For such a long time you’ve not really been interested in anything much apart from bats-and-balls and making money!! But recently you’ve been awfully productive – I just love the boy-doll you made yourself – I can understand how important it is to have a boy-doll and not a girl-doll when you’re a boy! He’s very handsome – and I hope he doesn’t make too much noise when you’re spying out in the bush.


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