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treasure trove

a treasure map birthday cake baked by most of the children
and decorated by J13


a treasure map quilt

L7 is so happy to be SEVEN *at*long*last*

fabulous friends

We have some very special friends!!

Please do check out their blogs.
Please CLICK for E10‘s crafty blog and J12‘s sailing-history-adventure-blog.
Our friends love comments just as much as we do 😉

Swimming season has begun…

Today we (J 11 and 13, L6 and M5) had the first swim of the season. For the record, the water was 16°C and the conditions were windy and sunny. We only stayed in for about 10 minutes!!! Our next-door neighbour had his fire on;-)

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Last Friday we had Mum’s birthday dinner, because we had friends over for the day on Saturday, which is Mum’s real birthday. So J13 and me (J11) made Mum a cake. Here is the recipe for The Best Chocolate Cake Ever:

2C flour
1 1/2 – 2C sugar
1t BP
1t BS
3/4 C cocoa
           Mix in a bowl

1C milk
1/2C oil
2 beaten eggs
1t vanilla
1C black coffee
      Add to dry ingredients(makes thin batter)
      Pour into a large greased tin
      Bake at 180 oC for 30 – 40 min (or more)
I ice it with  Chocolate Icing after an hour or two.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and use it .
This recipe was given to us by Becca and it has NEVER failed.

Tunnel Tales

J13 writing.

Yesterday Mum told J11, K10 and me that she would like to see a book review from each of us by the end of the week. So here is mine.

Book: Great Escapes Of World War II

Author: George Sullivan

Date read: Thursday 11 October 2007

What the book is about: This book is a small collection of stories about men who were captured in WWII and how their bravery helped others to escape from the prison camps. Only sometimes did their plans work and when they did work, the people who escaped usually got captured again. There is one story, which I particularly like; it is said to be one of the most amazing escapes of WWII and so it is now known as “The Great Escape” and it takes place in a German prison camp. More than 600 men got together and decided to tunnel their way to freedom, but they didn’t just dig one tunnel, they did three, and so as not to make the guards suspicious they named the tunnels Tom, Dick and Harry!!! Well when you dig a tunnel, you’re going to have to put the dirt somewhere, so they dug it into the gardens, but as they dug deeper the dirt turned into bright yellow sand. For a while the digging stopped, because there was nowhere to put the sand, but finally they found a solution: to scatter the sand around the crowds while watching a game of volley ball. Unfortunately that didn’t work as the guards saw the sand  and immediately went in search of a tunnel. So the tunnelers started putting sand down Tom…it was all going nicely and the tunnels were almost finished (the tunnels were positioned to come out into the woods surrounding the camp)….until….disaster….the guards were clearing back the forest and so the tunnelers had to keep digging further. At last Harry was finished and when measured it was 345 ft. long!! Now had come the long-awaited moment of ESCAPE…. Johnny Bull was the to be the first person to climb out of Harry, but when he did a nasty surprise awaited him…. the tunnel was 10 ft. short of the woods!!! But that didn’t stop the men, seventy-nine escaped before the guards realized what was happening. Bob McBride was the eightieth man out of the tunnel, but as he was half way out he was surrounded by guards and was recaptured. Of the 79 men who escaped only three made it to England and freedom.

Well J13. My little comment, that was actually retracted upon seeing dismal looks shadow the faces of the boys, spurred you on to a great wee piece. It sounds like you enjoyed the book as much as I did and remembered more than me! Now I wonder if you’ll review one of the new books – they were the ones I had in mind!!!! Never mind if you don’t want to – the boys have said they want to blog about them!!!!

Happy Holidays

Last week Dad was on holiday and when he is on holiday we all are!! There were heaps of fun things that happened like going on beach-walks….finishing off a model aeroplane whose name is “The Peacemaker” (which we all think is quite a funny name for a plane that can drop up to 80 bombs!!!)….one evening Dad suddenly deciding that he would like ice-cream for dessert so we all jumped into the car after dinner in our pjs….camping in our pup-tents on the back lawn….going in the spa pool and getting our togs bleached, because there was too much chlorine….J12 turning 13 (that’s me!!)…and just being with Dad. We love it when Dad is on holiday!!!

sun-day beach-day

Last Sunday, we went to Karekare for a walk along the beach. We had to go through a stream, which was warmer than we expected, although it was still chilly, to get to the beach. After racing each other across the sand and jumping into it, we came across a small dead seal near some rocks. Upon finding a little cave we were about to go in it when we saw another dead seal there. So we stayed out. Then we ran up and down the sand dunes for a while, followed by lunch at a picnic spot near the carpark. 

it’s all history

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