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it’s good to be a boy!

When we were gardening on Saturday we found a treasure in the bush. It didn’t have a handle, but that didn’t take long to fix!

We’ve also been making shanghais after reading “A Dangerous Book for Boys” (thanks Jonathan for telling us about it!). The postie has been giving us a pile of rubber bands if we’re ever outside when she goes past. Mama thought shanghais were illegal in New Zealand – but she hasn’t managed to find anything to prove this yet, so we are allowed to continue!


mandarin madness

It’s a year since we harvested K8‘s first madarins. The second crop is NEARLY READY…we’re checking every day!

spotty dotty

There’s a reason you look subdued in this photo

…you were about to come down with measles. You’ve been thoroughly miserable all week….but we have snuggled you and loved you lots and lots. Everyone has taken turns at holding you and carrying you round. You have just wanted to lie on someone’s shoulder and whimper.
Yesterday you slept for four hours in the afternoon and today you seem to be feeling much better.

are you really busting?

By Mama

If you’re not, you’re requested to not use the bathroom.
A reasonable request by J11 as he’s in charge of bathrooms this week.

But I do wish he’d learn to spell correctly!

it’s hard….

…to get a photo in which we’re all looking at the camera and smiling.
It’s even harder to get us all jumping at the same time

but it was a lot of fun!

happy birthday ER

you are one!

look what you can do

it’s the kids’ mother…

….writing today.

Popping in to say there will be no posts this week. I’m not turning the computer on…and so the kids won’t be able to use it either!

I’m sure the children will have lots of adventures that they’ll be able to write about next week.

it’s all history

where are you?

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