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In our absence…

So much has happened!!! It has been a long time since since we have even looked at our blog, let alone written, that such an absence must have an explanation:

J13 and J12 have been writing a story. Once written, they will post it here.
K10 and K9 have been inventing a lot of different foods lately, (edible or not), down in the mud hut. Yes, we will have to write a separate post explaining the mud hut.
L7 has lost two more teeth, again! So now he looks like a ‘toofless tiger’, in his own words.
M5 transformed his bike into a motor-bike.
T4 keeps getting nits, along with K9 and ER2.
ER has turned TWO!!! And ‘lolly’ has become her favourite word!

But the latest adventure we have had, started with Mum writing to the Western Leader asking them if they would like to do an article about our up-coming Silent Auction (free advertising).
(Just to make things clear, we ran the Silent Auction to raise funds for Big Brother Mouse, to be more precise, we are raising money to help sponsor the publication of a new book.) 

Well, a week after writing to the Editor (who just so happens to be our next-door-neighbour!) we were interviewed by one of the reporters from the Western Leader. 
Imagine our surprise and delight when we were on the FRONT PAGE!
The next day we had a dentist appointment. On the way home (we walked) four different people stopped us saying that they had seen us in the paper. Going to the doctors that afternoon, the friendly receptionist told us that they had our photo up in the staff-room. 
K10 said at the end of the day “Now I know why the Queen never goes out of her castle and when she does she takes a whole army with her to hold the crowd back!”
OK, so we’re not famous like the Queen, but…what’s that?
You say we were on Breakfast?
What is that?…
Oh a tv programme!
Hang on, what exactly is a tv? 😉 … 
Oh that black box that sometimes Dad turns on, now we’re with you.
One of those four people who stopped us said she had seen us mentioned on Breakfast. 
Once we got home we had a look at tvnz ondemand, sure enough we had been ever-so-briefly mentioned on the Breakfast programme.
We were feeling on top of the world when the phone rang. Us kids knew that it was no ordinary phone call, because in the morning Mum only speaks to Dad, Grandpa or anyone else if there is an emergency. Well it wasn’t Dad or Grandpa and there certainly wasn’t an emergency so we waited…and waited…and waited. She talked for ages.

Mum got off the phone and said that was ONE NEWS, and the lady who mentioned us on Breakfast wants to do an interview for the show, but she has to ask her boss.
Mum e-mailed Dad telling him what had just happened and we received this message.

“You’ve started a snowball!!!”

That is the only way to describe it! (Because things were happening at Dad’s work too!!!)

We kids really wanted to go on the show, but Mama and Dadda were not so certain. Thankfully Grandpa said, “You have to go, God’s given you an opportunity, you should take it!”
So Dad accepted it and said that he would be able to come with us. 

In the mean time we ran our Silent Auction bringing our total raised to $1600. Not all that money was raised from the auction; friends are sponsoring us to do the coast-to-coast walk this weekend as well and we have donated some of our own money too (thanks Grandpa and Gran for a generous birthday gift of money).

Wednesday was the big day. We got up early as we had to be at the studio at 8:00.
When we arrived at the studio we sat in the lobby and waited for a lady. This lady led us through to ‘The Green Room’ where we waited some more. While we were waiting another lady took Mum and Dad into another room, where they put make up on them and powder so that their faces wouldn’t reflect the light.
More waiting waiting waiting.

When it was about ten minutes until it was our turn to be interviewed we were led back down into an open space where there are lots of tables and couches. None of the couches were big enough for all of us, so it was decided that we should stand. The camera man told us where to stand and showed us his HUGE camera. He also told us that we would be able to see ourselves on the screen attached to the camera. Then Paul and Pippa appeared and repositioned us. We waited silently as the camera man signalled 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

Although the interview did not go as we thought it would, we (the kids) thought it was great! 

*next post will be about the mud hut*



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