“Chop chop, hurry up, into the car” Mama called out to us.
We had to go out for the day, because we were bombing the house to try to get rid of the fleas L6 brought back from the hospital last week! We had one of those days Mama calls “productive”….revised memeory verses in the car, looked at a section, picked up some card for the games we are making, popped into Kathmandu and snapped up a bargain (they had made some gloves too small so were getting rid of them for $2 and our little girls need extra-extra-small!!!), did grocery shopping, visited some more sections, had lunch in the car, drove into town to pick up packs for the Big Trip (now it seems like it’s really happening), played in Albert Park, watched the flower clock, listened to the university clock in the clock tower, zipped home, emptied the car, tidied the house, read some stories, watched some Gladys Aylward movie, cooked dinner…oops chop chop again. J11 chopped the end of one of his fingers. Not a little chop – a chop that required visiting the neighbour-nurse who advised getting it seen by Someone Who Knew What They Were Doing. Good ol’ Grandpa dropped his going-out-dinner-plans and came over to watch the rest of us kiddos (coz of course today was the day Dadda was working til 7pm!)….we raced down to the doc and got it patched up nicely. His verdict wasn’t the most encouraging: “I can’t promise you won’t lose the end of the finger, but we’ll have a better idea in a few days. Come back tomorrow and we’ll have a look and change the dressing.” Hopefully it will be fine…and in the meantime, J11 is sporting an impressive-looking bandage!


2 Responses to “CHOP CHOP”

  1. 1 kate5kiwis June 13, 2007 at 11:03 am

    hope your finger recovers pronto.
    very exciting about The Packs huh :o)
    i have tons of childhood/teenage memories of Albert Park: the fountain, shakespeare, all the paths, the ginkgo tree, the art gallery down the hill: the last time i went to the art gallery i saw a Colin McCahon exhibition, and then i bought a sparkly pink heart to celebrate the day… very very cool X

  2. 2 Jen and family June 14, 2007 at 6:14 am

    how aweful to catch fleas from the hospital

    Gladys Aylward was an amazing lady
    I remember teaching about her when I use to do bible in schools

    sounds like a good day mostly

    hope J11’s fionger is going to be OK

    jen at

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