When in Rome…

Salve! Savete ad domus nosti!

Greetings! Welcome to our house! 

Well, my learning Latin proved very useful on Sunday night when we (finally) had THE ‘Ancients Dinner’.

To start at the beginning, you must realize that about five years ago our family and the E family studied Ancient Egypt. Around that time somebody said it would be cool if we could have an Ancient Egyptian dinner.  The mums said it was a good idea…
Since then we have both studied Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages including the Vikings, and the Renaissance and Reformation.
The ‘Ancients Dinner’ , as it was now being called, kept getting put off until it was observed that “The whole idea is ancient!”

So Sunday’s dinner was a very special one.

Every one was dressed in  bedsheets authentic togas as we walked next-door to where Grandpa was hiding. Dressing him in a purple toga (after being told that purple is a royal colour he didn’t complain), we paraded back, ignoring the stares we received from the neighbours!!

Once the Mexman (Mexican-immigrant-now-roman-citizen) had delivered a speech about how the Ancient Romans put on banquets and the likeness between a Roman Banquet and the Last Supper, we ate.   

The menu was one fit for a Caesar.

Roasted stuffed Dormouse 
Peacock eggs
Roast Pheasant
Stew on Bread
Grape juice
Roast Pork (complete with apple and crackling)
Marzipan cakes
Honey cakes
Chocolate (to bring us back to modernity)

Joke of the night: Don’t go ROMAN without your toga!!! 

A wonderful night that will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time!

2 Responses to “When in Rome…”

  1. 1 Sharonnz September 11, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Looks like fun. I think we’ll have to “borrow” your idea and have an “Ancient Greece” dinner with our friends.

  1. 1 off to Rome « have pinny, will cook Trackback on September 11, 2008 at 7:47 am

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