We need a plan,fast


Nottingham Castle


“Come on lads, meet me at the camp.” Robin raced out of the castle.
“Why is he in such a hurry?” Will asked Allan.
“I’m not being funny, but maybe we should ask him,” Allan replied.
“He’s gone, we’ll just have to follow,” Djaq said, running after Robin.
“As he said,” Little John observed.


Running through the forest, Much panted, “There’s something nice about the forest.”
Little John looked back at Much who, as usual, was at the back of the group and asked, “What ‘something’?”
Much shrugged. “In the forest you’re free. I think that the forest is better than a castle or estate.”
“Except maybe…Bonchurch Lodge?” Djaq teased.
“Oh now that you remind me…Bonchurch is different,” Much protested.
Everyone except Much laughed.

“I don’t see what’s so funny,” exclaimed Much indignantly. “When I own Bonchurch Lodge you will have to call me Lord Much.”
Allan groaned.
Will tried to reason with Much. “Robin wasn’t called Lord Robin when he owned land.”
“No, he just had the larger title, Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon.” Much would not give up.

The conversation only ended when the outlaw arrived at their camp. Robin was sat at a small table that Will had made. The rest of the outlaws gathered round the table and waited for Robin to speak.
“We need a plan, fast. The Sheriff is going to drown all the peasants by filling the moat,” Robin told his band.
“How will he fill the moat?” asked Djaq, interested at the Sheriff’s latest act of madness.
“He is going to make the peasants from every village work to channel the river into the moat. There will be guards surrounding the moat as of tomorrow so that the peasants can’t escape. Hence the need for speed.”
“Do you have a plan?” Little John asked.
“I have a plan, well, half a plan,” Robin replied, simultaneously forming one in his head.
As they waited for Robin to think through his plan, Will mindlessly arranged piles of pennies on the table.
 “Right, I have it,” announced Robin. “These coins here are the castle and these coins around it are Nettlestone Village, Locksley Manor, Clun Village, Knighton Hall and Bonchurch Lodge. If we move four families to each village, then that would be everyone out of the moat and into safety.”
 “Master, I have one request. The peasants who go to Bonchurch should call me Lord Much when I own the lands.”
“Very sophisticated!” Robin grinned at Much’s request.
“Hadn’t we better get going?” Djaq questioned.
“Come and we’ll decide who goes to which village
while we walk back to the castle.” Robin picked up his bow and arrows and left the camp
with the band.


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