“Adventures of an IMP” Part XVIII: He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best

Sunday 17 February 2008
6:30 pm

...it was then that we planned revenge…


As the the time indicates up the top it is very early. We had come up with a plan last night. We are preparing everything while they are still asleep so they won’t hear us. Here is the plan:

  1. We take the rope that was the boys washing line and all the guy ropes that we can untie quietly.
  2. Then we tie these ropes together really tight.
  3. We then take one end of the rope and tie it very quietly to the little loops that hold the corner of the tent down.
  4. Next E10 holds the rope so that it doesn’t pull and make a big noise waking the boys up while First Mate takes the other end and climbs up the very tall oak tree to the top.
  5. This is the tricky part, pulling the rope tight enough so that it does not hang slack but not so tight that it pulls the corner of the tent up, yet!
  6. Once the rope is tight enough First Mate ties the rope to the top of the tree and and then passes the rope around the tree a few times, finishing off with a lot of stiff knots.
  7. The rope is then thrown down to Able Seaman who coils it while First Mate climbs up the tree next to the oak.
  8. First Mate then winds the rope around this tree and ties the rope up in a high branch.
  9. E10 then comes to help First Mate thread the boys shoes onto the end of the rope and tie a secure knot, leaving the shoes hanging just out of the reach of anyone standing on the ground.
  10. When the boys have just woken up we will pull the rope making the corner of the tent come up with a big noise, and let in the cold air.

All this has taken about 16 minutes and we are tidying up our tent and waiting for the boys to start talking so we can pull the rope and give them a surprise!

“It sounds like they are waking up now,” E10 alerted us.
“Best get over there and start pulling, but not a sound or a giggle for that matter!” First Mate cautioned.

We had decided that First Mate would do any of the talking because E10 and Able Seaman would just burst out giggling, but that we would all pull the rope at some stage.

The boys must be reading or something, because they are very quiet, First Mate thought to herself, but we had heard some one say, “Move over” so they must be awake. First Mate tugged the rope.

“Be quiet!” That was Second Mate.

Hearing this First Mate pulled even harder making a big shaking noise.

“Stop touching our tent, you’ll wake Captain and J12.”
“Are they asleep?” asked First Mate “and I’m not touching your tent.”
“We were asleep, but you woke us up and…” said J12 and Captain together. They sounded kind of grumpy and not quite awake. This time E10 tugged the rope.
“Would you please stop touching the tent.” Captain asked.
“I’m not,” answered E10 truthfully.
“She is telling you the truth,” Able Seaman countered.
“Well then how is our tent moving?” Second Mate queried.
“You might as well see for yourselves, but remember, it was you who started playing tricks!” First Mate reminded.

The boys opened the tent and because their tent was facing away from the scene they went to put their shoes on and have a look, but because their shoes were out in the tree they had to stand on the wet grass without shoes.
“Oh…you girls.” said Captain with a sigh and shaking his head he climbed up the oak tree to untie the rope. It was then that he discovered that the rope went back down the oak tree and up the next tree. He climbed up the other tree to retrieve his, J12’s and Second Mate’s shoes and then back up the oak tree to untie the million-and-one knots we had tied, all the time giving us dirty looks.

All this time Us Girls had been watching the proceedings gleefully. We were not the only ones who had been watching; J12, Second Mate, S7, Ship’s Boy and The Crew were also watching. Mum and Dad came over to see what was going on, we explained to them our trick and they went back to their tent. They weren’t going to help if we were playing a trick back on Those Boys.

J12 and Second Mate weren’t grumpy anymore and they now saw the funny side of the joke (probably because they didn’t have to climb a tree while they were still half asleep), but Captain did not see the funny side yet and he said to us
Why did you have to do that girls?”
“Because of the trick you played on us which, by the way, we thought was a very clever trick and we didn’t suspect that you were behind it until the last moment. And because we wanted to play a trick on you!” answered E10.
“Hmpf,” was all we heard from Captain.
“Doesn’t matter anymore,” said Second Mate.
“Doesn’t matter,” exploded Captain, “It doesn’t matter, because I climbed the tree and got your shoes for you and to untie the rope while…”
“Thanks!” said J12.
“Yeah, thanks,” echoed Second Mate.

Captain was starting to see the funny side, but didn’t really want to admit it so he started frowning as he does when coming out of a bad mood.

“So do you think that the joke is funny now?” asked First Mate nervously.
“In no way do I think that being woken up is funny, but the trick…not funny, but…clever!” said Captain with a smile.
“I think the same thing about being woken up and about the joke being clever, but I also think it is funny now. And you really were telling the truth when you said you weren’t touching the tent!” said J12.
“Me too,” added Second Mate, who didn’t like to be left out.
“Remember that saying He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best,” put in Able Seaman.
“And we got the last laugh!” added E10.


10:25 am

We have just finished breakfast, a fry up of bacon, eggs, hash-browns, sausages, baked beans and toast. YUM!
We are going down to the lake for one last swim, kayak, jetty jumping/wrestling. We are also taking a row boat named “WAIMANU” and a tractor tyre tube and some rope.
We had been in the water for about an hour having a naval-sea-battle with the kayaks and WAIMANU when Mr Edmond went back to the bach and returned with the Sunburst.
Now, every time we (the Bears) had been to the lake we had admired the Sunburst, but we had never actually sailed in her so this was to be a real treat. Just imagine to be taken out on the lake in her!
Going in the Sunburst lived up to, and I (First Mate) think that it, even exceeded my expectations.


I wanted to write this down, although I will never forget it. It was one of those once-in-a-life-time feelings.
Dad and I were sailing in the Sunburst. We had been tacking back and forth. The wind was blowing quite hard. You could hear the water rushing underneath the boat. We were on the homeward leg when a big gust of wind came along and we had to hang right out over the side so that the boat would not capsize. You were able to sense the speed at which we were rushing along. It was just wonderful!!!

In this photo is the Sunburst.

In this photo there is the Sunburst and WAIMANU with Second Mate who is Cream doughnutting/Chocolate chip biscuiting
Cream Doughnutting or Chocolate Chip Biscuiting. You choose what you like best, then you jump on the tyre tube and hold on to the rope. Then someone in WAIMANU will row while someone else holds the rope. Because rowing is sort of slow when you are not an athlete you don’t make much of a wake, but that doesn’t matter.
If Cream Doughnutting or Chocolate Chip Biscuiting doesn’t take your fancy or if you are one of the adventurous type then Wake-Boarding is the thing to try, but because the rowers can’t row that fast, you don’t get a much of a wake.
If you want to go faster you simply call out, “Where’s the wake?” or you can pull yourself faster by pulling yourself in by the rope. Lots of fun!!!!!
We stayed in the water for about 3 and a half hours!!
After that we started to pack up and have lunch. More packing up, packing down of tents and giving the bach a thorough scrub down. Then into we got into our family’s car/van and dove back to Auckland. We had a walkie-talkie in each car, so we used them till the bateries died. On the way home most of us fell asleep, we were that tired!
All in all we had a wonderful weekend.


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