“Adventures of an IMP” Part XV: Are we there yet???

Thursday 14 February 2008
(In these four following episodes the ages for IMP's crew have not been changed,
e.g. Ship's Baby is 20 months old)
At present our house is an enlarged version of a bee-hive. We have just heard from our friends that, “Yes, they will be leaving this evening at about 5:30-6:00.” Mum has arranged for us to meet Dad at their house round 5:30, so we can have an early dinner with them and then drive down in convoy to Lake Rotoiti. Because the time is already 4:30 and we have HEAPS to do we will only write a quick account of what is happening at the moment.
Captain is collecting an assortment of sleeping bags, pillows and tents. Oh, and he is also making sure that IMP is fastened securely to the trailer.
The two Mates are making dinner (hamburgers), and writing in the Ship’s Log.
Able Seaman is closing all the curtains and windows and is also helping The Crew, Ship’s Boy and Baby to pack the car.
Mum is acting as overseer to the whole operation (if you can call it one!) and she is also packing the food.

5:30 on the dot
And we have arrived at the Edmond’s house, Dad beating us there on his bike by 10 meters!
We might as well explain that
  • In the Edmond family there is Mr and Mrs Edmond, J.E.12, E.E.10, S.E.7 and A.E.3
  • It has become a bit of a tradition, as of 4 years ago, to go to Lake Rotoiti,
    where the Edmond’s have a bach, and camp out with them at Waitangi weekend.

After having dinner at the Edmond’s house we had a quick look at the mud hut that they had attempted to build (the sad thing being the wall they had built fell over into the pit they had dug 😦 ). At about this time the adults had finished eating dinner and it was time to load everyone in the cars. Well, the Bears family in the van and the Edmonds in their car (it is about now that the fictional stuff starts, although most of the happenings are based on an actual – and obviously memorable – event).

Just before we got into the car and van the two mums noticed Captain and S7 scheming,
“What are you two whispering about?,” mum asked.
“We were wondering if Ship’s Boy could come in our car,” said S7.
“And if J12 could come in the van with us,” finished Captain.

The adults all looked at each other questioningly, and we knew what they were thinking. When you put Ship’s Boy and S7 together you have a classic example of “DOUBLE TROUBLE”.
Both of the dads said that they didn’t mind.
“On one condition,” added Mr Edmond, “One bit of monkey business and you boys will be walking to the lake!” (he really did say that – that bit wasn’t fiction).
Ship’s Boy and S7 agreed to these terms and we were all set to go when dad lept out of the car with a walkie-talkie and gave it to Mrs Edmond.
“Edmond calling Bears, do you read us?” That was the first call, made by E10.
“Bears calling Edmond, yes we read you, over!” said First Mate emphasizing the word over. “And it looks like you are the flagship,”

It was not long before we were on the motorway and the walkie-talkies were turned off due to interference.

Turning into Matamata, the Edmonds were still leading when we had a pit-stop. Before we have even buckled up, they pulled out and turned back homewards.
“But they can’t have turned left,” said mum and dad who hadn’t seen.
Out went a call on the walkie-talkies “
Hunt calling Edmond, did you just turn left, over?”
Edmond calling Hunt, yes we have turned left and are currently parked in the McDonald’s car-park, over!” came the reply.

I scream,
You scream,
We all scream,

The staff must have been rubbing their hands with glee at at an order for 16 ice-creams! That was, until they ran out of cones…but no, there were more cones out the back…and then the ice-cream machine started to lose pressure so the last ice-creams took ages to come out and they were soft. Nobody cared though, and we all enjoyed ice-creams standing beside the train-tracks.
Back onto the road and out of Matamata…on the road again…….driving into Rotorua there is a big round-a-bout. Round went the Edmond car with the Bears following…once…twice…(at which point dad turned off)…but Mr Edmond went for another round! So the Bears were in the lead!!
Bears calling Edmond, first one to see the lake wins, over!” That was Able Seaman.
Edmond calling Bears, we have already seen the lake, over,” replied Ship’s Boy and S7.
(There was no way they could have seen the lake yet,
a) it was to dark and
b)we were only just out of Rotorua.
That is the kind of thing that happens when you have S7 and Ship’s Boy together.)

By this time it was about 8:55pm and a fine drizzle was setting in. Also, it was getting dark fast. As we were driving along we noticed lots of clouds…or was it smoke? It was smoke! There was a fire in what looked like a factory, we think, although it was by this time dark so we cannot be sure. And then we heard a laugh come over the walkie-talkies as the Edmond’s car overtook us. Well! Now they were in the lead they would probably win….but…thankfully the person who was holding the walkie-talkie on the Edmond’s end didn’t say anything about the lake and so The Crew won!
And then we drove past a big green, white and red sign saying ROTOITI.
“Ten more minutes and we should be there,” said J12 who had been to the lake lots of times before.
Sure enough about ten minutes later we saw a sign saying GISBORNE POINT; that was our turn off.
It was not long before we were helping unpack the cars and then for the fun and exciting job of setting our tents up in the DARK. By the time we (the kids), were all in bed it was 10:45.
“Are you sure your watch hasn’t stopped,”asked Second Mate.
“Positive!” came the sleepy reply.
“Lights Out,” Shouted Ship’s Boy, S7 and the older member of The Crew.
A groan rose from the tent where J12, Captain and Second Mate were sleeping and from the tent where First Mate, E10 and Able Seaman were sleeping, at least they were all TRYING to sleep.




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  1. 1 Lilycx March 26, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    i am gonna show this to my friend, brother

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