“Adventures of an IMP” Part XIII: Surprise!

Monday 14 January 2008
4:32 pm

…tomorrow…! “But that is today,” thought Captain upon wakening. Quietly he crawled out of the “sail-n-oar” tent, and once out he walked up “The Ledge”, thinking about yesterday; the seals, the shark, the boat, Mark and Philip. By this time he had reached the top of “The Ledge” where he found First Mate sitting on a long flat rock. Captain sat down beside her and said, “What do you think Mum and Dad will say when we get back?”
“I’m not sure,” said First Mate, pausing, then with a grin she finished, “Maybe we should get them to read “We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea” before they say anything 🙂 .”
Both laughed, but Captain, becoming serious, said, “I guess Mum and Dad will be glad that we are no longer somewhere where they don’t know. But I really should have taken into account that an offshore wind and a strong rip would make getting back to shore difficult, well, impossible really! I don’t think that I will make that mistake ever again.”
“I think that Dad will say “learn from your mistakes”,” said First Mate.
Two hours later IMP, her Captain, Mates, Able Seaman, Boy and Baby were being towed by Mark and Philip’s boat (whose name we later found out was FIREFLY) back to Tiritangi Bay. Arriving at Tiritangi Bay, Mark and Philip anchored FIREFLY and then we all squeezed into IMP and rowed her to shore. We left IMP tied to our anchored buoy up on the beach and walked up across the grass that fringed the sand and up to our own house and knocked on our own front door (that felt strange!!!!). Dad opened the door. He looked so surprised, but I’m not sure whether Dad was more surprised to see *us* or Mark and Philip.
“Come in,” said Dad, ever the gentleman. Mum having heard a noise had come to see what it was and was just as surprised as Dad was, if not more.
We can only say that the conversation that passed for the next while was one of explaining and understanding  and also us being told that next time we should be more careful, much more careful.
“So it’s my old school friends,” said Dad to Mark and Philip….
And so we are back home and Captain isn’t feeling bad and Mum and Dad aren’t          worried any more and …..”It is so good to be home,” we all thought! 

T.B.Completed Next time.


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