“Adventures of an IMP” Part X: Seals!

Friday 11 January 2008
6:52 pm
      6:30 pm. 
      Low tide. 
Slight off shore wind. 
 Whananaki estuary.

Here is the weather forecast:
1021 mb
30.14 inHg
10 knts gusting to 15 knts
Cloudy skies with possible showers.

Good, now the paper is dry enough to write on (finally!). 
I only wrote the weather forecast to see if the paper was dry enough.

Today was a wonderful day; only a little bit of wind and quite overcast, (that was good because on “Headlands” we don’t have any sunblock and the sun is very harsh), but it was still very hot! The Second Mate and Able Seaman rowed us down “Fresh Water”, swapping places with Captain and First Mate when we were out on open sea. Beyond the breakers, turning N.N.W. we rowed keeping in line with the beach. Suddenly out of nowhere a seal popped up about ten meters off, Ship’s Baby being the first to notice.
“Look at the…,” she said, not quite knowing what she was looking at. 
“The seal,” interjected The Crew (The Crew being the two very special memers who got to live easy; they did not have any particular job as the rest of us did, not counting Ship’s Baby!)
All turned to watch the seal . 
“Throw a coconut to him,” said First Mate, “but watch….”
Too late! Able Seaman (or not so Able) was in the drink.
First Mate had just been going to say “Watch out” because she and Captain had been back-watering against the current and could see a bit of a wave coming towards them, when Able Seaman had stood up in IMP and thrown (or tried to) a coconut into the water. When Able Seaman stood up in IMP she lost her balance, just a little bit, and then as she threw the coconut the wave came, knocking Able Seaman overboard and leaving the coconut in IMP!
Later this incident was referred to as “The throw that threw her overboard”.
When Able Seaman was back onboard several seals were watching us and barking. Captain and Ship’s Boy insisted they were laughing at us! Able Seaman was not  impressed at this remark. She proceed to gently throw a coconut in saying that were only asking for the coconut back. As if to prove the point the seals stopped their barking and started to play with the coconut! After a long time of watching the seals push the coconut round we rowed on. It was then that one seal (possibly their leader?) followed us balancing the coconut on his head. It was like watching a circus act. We stopped rowing to watch again, but this time we heard the sound of distant barking. We rowed round “Headlands” a bit more and came across a cove from which the sound of barking was coming. Upon entering the cove in IMP we saw so many seals we could hardly believe our eyes. There must have been about one hundred seals in the water and on the beach. There were so many that the cove we had just found just had to be named “Seal Cove”, and so it was. This also was put on the map.       




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