“Adventures of an IMP” Part VIII: The Riddle

Wednesday 9 January 2008
9:45 pm

For the second time since we had been on “Headlands”, (yes we have named the island “Headlands” because it looks like a rhino’s head), our barometer started dropping; not very noticeably, but still dropping. More bad weather was on the way! IMP‘s crew decided to row back across the “Harbour” and across “Trout Lake”. We camped N.W. of
“Trout Lake” on the “Grasslands”. As before there was about half an hour before the rain came, accompanied by thunder and lightning. This time though it was to last much longer! Evening came sooner than expected on account of the dark rain clouds.
“I happen to have learned of some good and bad news,” said Captain, talking to us all. “So what would you like first?” Everyone decided on good news first.
“Tonight we are going to receive a visitor, but he’s coming late at night.”
“How late?” asked Able Seaman.
“Ah, that bit is uncertain. He left a note on the barometer saying that he would come around 1 am and that we needn’t stay awake for him and that if we were asleep when he came he would borrow one of our oars. By the way, his name is a western one.”
“What a strange name,” Ship’s Baby stated.
We sat there under our tent with both of “The Crew” looking at the oars that were holding up our tent, when they both said “Won’t our tent fall down without both oars?”
“YES!” answered Captain.
“What about the bad news?” asked Ship’s Boy.
“The bad news is simply that this rain will last for 2-4 days.”
Now the First and Second Mate had worked out who the visitor would be, but said nothing to anyone, and checking the barometer later they saw, as they had suspected, a forecast for westerly winds around 1 am.



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