“Adventures of an IMP” Part II: Exploration

Thursday 3 January 2008
3:20 pm
    Second voyage. 
   Whananaki estuary. 
      High tide. 
Slight off shore wind.  

 After a night of being eaten alive by some UFI (Unidentified Flying Insects), The Crew decided that we should catch some fish and burn them; they had heard that insects of any type do not like the smell of burnt fish heads. There is a stream running through the island and crayfish and trout were plentiful. We tried tickling trout. It worked; we caught 10 trout. We cooked the trout, wrapped in leaves, in the ashes. We ate the trout, keeping their heads for insect repellent and also two bones that are sharp on one edge for knives for if the Captain’s pocket knife broke. Thinking we had done a good morning’s work, we rested. It was about this time (round noon) that the barometric pressure dropped suddenly, as it is wont to do on any island, desert or not. When this happened the sky was clear blue, but to the southern horizon there was a grayish haze. As soon as the barometer dropped it was “All Hands On Deck” as we ran about putting the coconuts we had picked that morning under our tent alongside the left-over boar meat (we had dried it) and palm tree roots (which taste like potatoes). After this was done the haze was still a ways off so First Mate, Second Mate and Able Seaman went to gather bamboo poles for fishing rods, while Captain, Ship’s Boy and The Crew picked extra coconuts so we could twist the fiber into a fine rope for fishing line, Ship’s Boy being excellent at this!!! This done, all helped to find twigs, suitable for bending and whittling into fish hooks. Half-way through this task we heard thunder. Immediately all the birds and monkeys were silent. Quickly we made our way back to the tent with Second Mate telling us how to make umbrellas with banana leaves. On our arrival we found Ship’s Baby counting coconuts. “There are 52 coconuts”. She informed us. Now the rumble of thunder was more frequent and we could see lightning and rain approaching. You could even hear the rain dancing on the sea. And then…..it was upon us. All the rain and thunder and lightning. Watching the light and sound show was spectacular and then it stopped as suddenly as it had started two hours before. 
When retelling our story people have asked “Why didn’t you row back home?” Well, we had told Mum and Dad that it was only a test row we were going for and we would only be gone for an hour, so when we didn’t return they would (we thought) alert the sea rescue team. Also, we didn’t know where we were except that we were W.S.W. of our home country. One final reason being we had lots of food on the island to last a long time.
Here is the plan we had:
If you see a boat on the horizon you need to put fresh bamboo on the fire down on the beach; the effect was tremendous. First came a bang that could be heard for miles and then smoke that was red and acted as a flare would do. 




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