Happy birthday to you…

By J13 and J12

Today is J12′s birthday. We had his cake a couple of months ago because J12 was (and still is!)  getting a quilt for his birthday and he wanted to help make it. Also his birthday is four days before Christmas and he didn’t really want to have a cake so close to Christmas.

This is my breakfast “caramel self-saucing pudding with ice cream and cream”.
I think you will remember the photo:) (Because actually the photo is K10’s one, but we had exactly the same breakfast this morning)

We will post a picture of the quilt when it is finished.

Today was made extra-special by the Es coming to visit. We had such a wonderful time eating and swimming and riding Grandpa’s recumbant bike (even the mothers took it for a spin to the top of the driveway – GO MUMS!). I made it in one minute, which wasn’t too much more than it took the adults.

The other special thing (even though pressies aren’t everything) was that I got a yummy packet of chocolates, an amazing bum bag from Grandpa (there are so many pockets you could get lost in it!!!) and Dadda and Mama surprised me enormously by giving me a watch (as well as the quilt). It has a compass that you can plot your course on the map with…….a thermometer………the face changes colours (I’m trying to work out why – I think it’s to do with heat)……..the face flips over and is two-sided (very cool)…….and it has the Royal Hong Kong Police insignia on it. What a watch!


1 Response to “Happy birthday to you…”

  1. 1 my3boysandi December 20, 2007 at 7:36 am

    Happy Birthday J12

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