Christmas Cake

This is our favourite Christmas cake recipe; it is very moist and fruity.

2007 edition

Here is how to make it;

Day one:

1 ¾C orange juice

¾C dark rum or brandy

2T orange rind, grated

                        Bring to the boil. Remove from heat.

500g currants

500g raisins

2C sultanas

2C dates, chopped

150g crystallised ginger, chopped

150g mixed peel

150g glace cherries, halved

                        Add to above and leave to soak overnight.

Day two:

½t vanilla essence

¼t almond essence

2t lemon rind, grated

1C blanched almonds

                        Add to above and mix well.

2 ½C high grade flour

½t baking soda

1t cinnamon

½t ground nutmeg

                      Sift into a bowl.

250g butter

1 ½C brown sugar

2T treacle

                      Cream until light and fluffy.

5 eggs

                       Add, beating well after each addition.

                      Fold in sifted ingredients alternately with

                     fruit mixture.

Line a deep, square 23cm tin with two layers of brown paper followed by one layer of baking paper. Spoon mixture into tin. Bake at 150°C for 4 hours or until inserted skewer comes out clean. Leave in tin until cold. Wrap in foil or ice cake and store in a cool place.


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