The GIRLS’ weekend

   by K8 and J13

This last weekend has been very exciting for everyone. The big boys went away with the E boys to their bach, while the E girls came to our house for the weekend!!!

On Saturday Mrs E dropped off E10 and A2 at our house and then went out for a quiet day by herself. 

The E’s had brought some melting moments, which had not been iced so M5, T3 and A2 iced and sprinkled all these biscuits!…

…while J13, K8 and E10 made chocolate lollipops for when the boys came home…

…lunch time (20°C in the sun!!)…

…when the little kids were resting Mum, J13, E10, K8 and M5 made some really cool bracelets…

…it was so warm and the pool looked sooo inviting that we just had to jump in. (The water was 21°c)……around about this point Mrs E turned up and we had one of the best dinners you could ever have: Chicken breasts stuffed with camembert cheese and bacon served on noodles with apricot sauce and veges……out to Piha to eat ice-creams and watch the sun set. The sun looked wonderful just as it was setting with waves breaking in front of it!!……back to our house to bed…….we all slept in on Sunday, then had bacon and eggs cooked by M5 on the BBQ…

…if you’ve ever been to the Olympic Park you’ll know how fun it is, and you’ll also know the spinning-bucket-seat-kind-of-thing (excuse the vague description). T3 and M5 both went on it so fast and for so long that they had to lie down, because they felt sick. They desperately did not want to stop, but they were almost green.

 ……back at home we had a tea party complete with asparagus rolls, cucumber sandwiches, scones, oranges, biscuits, marshmallows, chocolates and tea.

… the afternoon we had another round of bracelet making and swimming in the middle of which we all drank hot chocolate to warm us up.

Thanks to the Es for a fantastic weekend.


1 Response to “The GIRLS’ weekend”

  1. 1 jennynz November 22, 2007 at 12:59 am

    wow your girly weekend sounds like so much fun!

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