Mathematician in the Making

M5 is going through a very mathsy stage! Every morning before breakfast while the porridge is cooking the children read their Bibles. For the past more-than-a-week M5 has leafed through his Bible, stopping at every single page to either read the number that is printed on the bottom of the page or to state what it should be if there’s a picture in the way…..all the way through to 223 or so each day.
During read-aloud time he can usually be found counting the number of items in his chosen basket or tin of things to play with. And once he’s done with counting them, they tend to get arranged according to some criteria he determines – usually by size or colour or shape.
Then there’s the snakes-n-ladders games he plays over and over and over….and when noone will play yet another game with him he plays against himself! For a change, he convinces someone to join him at Monoploy. Or Mancala.


1 Response to “Mathematician in the Making”

  1. 1 my3boysandi November 7, 2007 at 4:38 am

    maths can be cool
    I use to play against myself at times when i was a child too

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