Dear jennynz,

If you are promising to comment, we will promise to blog more! We like to post pictures on our blog, but since Mama changed it to WordPress, we ahve to upload them to Photobucket first and then when we put them onto the blog we have to do all sorts of resizing and copying and pasting and it’s all a bit tricky and we forget how to do it….and so in the end we have ended up blogging nothing. And Mama doesn’t tell us we have to coz it’s our blog. She’s going to see if Flickr is easier to use.

You asked what we’ve been up to.
We’ll tell you over the next few days;-)


2 Responses to “Dear jennynz,”

  1. 1 my3boysandi October 3, 2007 at 8:30 pm

    Id like to see you post more too
    I couldnt get Flickr to work on my blog
    tried ages ago

    but I use which is fun
    you can make slides they dont take that much setting up and I find they are good if you want to post a few photos at a time
    or you can use it to post single photos

    wordpress also has the option of allowing you to post photos up to 50MB
    which is a far amount

    so come on guys and girls tell us what youve been up to

  2. 2 jennynz October 7, 2007 at 11:54 pm

    oh yay! I’m pleased y’all are blogging again! I figured since its spring, you must have all been enjoying the outdoors and been away from the computer. I like seeing what you get up to and your creations. :o)

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