We have an annual pass to get in to the
Museum of Transport and Technology this year
(what a wonderful Christmas present that was –
thanks Uncle John and Aunty Sandra!).
And we’ve been three times in the past two weeks!
The most exciting time was on Saturday
when they had a military open day.

L6: We had fun in the truck and using the remote-controlled tanks. I shot J11 and K9.
M4: We went on da steam train dere. Dat was fun. We saw a horse break da fence. And da steam train went very fast.
T2: In Motack. I had a face paint. We went on a swain. I sat wif Daddy and looked out da window for da swain to come and it was at da fwont and it was dwiving fast off now fast.
K8: There was a truck that you could have a ride on and there were very steep hills you went over and it felt like you were going to tip off your seat (T2 interjects :actually no you just hold on! And Daddy just hold me). There was a motorbike with a sidecar on it and we got a ride in the sidecar. There was a battle with guns and at the end we were given empty cartridges.
K9: My favourite part was having the ride on the truck. It was exciting going over all the bumps and down the steep steep hills. I liked watching the battle because the noise was loud and there were explosions with lots of smoke. ER(10mo) fell asleep in the middle of it and didn’t even get woken up!
J11: I liked doing the remote controlled tanks even though the batteries died and I had to wait a few seconds for it to charge up. The mock battle was also very interesting, espeically the noise and the big tank which came over the hill and fired some blank shots. The Nazis arrived on a train.
J12: My favourite part was the steam train ride. If you put your head out the window, the steam and smoke blew in your face. We waved at each other from the ends of the train. In the first class carriage the back of the seat could be moved so you could face whichever way you wanted.
There was a helicopter there and we all wanted a ride, but at $95 for one person for ten minutes we didn’t get one! Levi said “You could pay with your credit card Dadda and it wouldn’t cost you anything!”
We recognised the soldiers who were at the Howick Historic Village when we had a pass to go there a couple of years ago.


1 Response to “*M*O*T*A*T*”

  1. 1 Jen and family March 26, 2007 at 12:26 am

    I love that place
    U all sound like u had heaps of fun 🙂
    I also like Howick Historical Village I remember going there once and the school teacher checked our hair, hands and nails.
    Have you been to Alberton I like it there too??
    Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

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