We were all in hysterics this morning. Mama has started reading us Pinnochio. Gepetto, his creator, called him Pinocchio because “It is a name that will bring him luck. I once knew a whole family so called. There was Pinocchio the father, Pinocchia the mother and Pinocchi the children, and all of them did well. The richest of them was a beggar.” Isn’t that funny?

But the author is not only humorous, he really understands people. We were reading this bit just before lunchtime:

Night was coming on, and Pinocchio, remembering that he had eaten nothing all day, began to feel a gnawing in his stomach that very much resembled appetite.

But appetite with boys travels quickly, and in fact after a few minutes his appetite had become hunger, and in no time his hunger became ravenous – a hunger that was really quite insupportable.”

Don’t you love it?

We think M4 is enjoying it the most out of all of us. Whenever the author asks a question, even if you’re not meant to answer it, M4 does!

And when Mama read that first quote above he really laughed hard. When Mama read the other one, he groaned with his own hunger! He giggled lots when the carpenter and Gepetto were fighting too. It was really funny. And especially when the carpenter was sitting on the floor and Gepetto asked him what he was doing and he said, “I am teaching the alphabet to the ants”.

We love reading aloud.


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